We have all been there, boss yelling at us even though we have done our best !! To rub salt in the wound, we read about other developers earning fabulous salaries !!

So what could be the issue? We all want to acclerate our career to become that “ace” developer. The one that bosses fight to get into their team. The one who gets fabulous offers from top companies. Are we missing some technical skills? Some social skills? Some other skills?

Maybe you searched for training to make you a better programmer but all you found was training on Agile, Hadoop, Apache Pig, Data Warehousing and so on. You are not sure if it will make a difference to your career.

Software Sutras are different

The “Software Sutras” are a collection of ready-to-use, insights and instructions. These instructions incorporate very powerful best practices that programmers can use to supercharge their careers.

Still skeptical? Sure. We Understand

Before we discuss this further, watch this video. Even if you don’t attend the workshop you will find that video useful and interesting

This is the Software Design Sutra. This teaches you how to create good software design.

The “ace” programmers seem to know something you don't know. How did they learn it? Where did they learn it from?

They were lucky. One of two things happened. Either they found a good mentor who taught them those crucial skills. Or else they read voraciously and tried out hundreds of things till they found out what worked.

The Software Sutras have been created by Charles and GK. They read voraciously, researched, experimented and mentored various developers to improve their skills. Now you have a chance to get mentored by these industry veterans.

Is this workshop perfect for you? Let's find out.

 First, let's try to understand who should not attend this workshop

If you believe that the best way to improve your job security is to make sure nobody else can maintain your code, this workshop is definitely not for you. Remember if you can't be replaced, you also can't be promoted. Software Sutras have been designed to help you write code that other developers love to maintain.

If you are not into a hard-core development role Software Sutras is not for you. Software testers, admins and others - you have important and stressful jobs but this is not the program for you. All the experience and expertise that went into this workshop is from hard-core programming developers.

If you are a very experienced programmer with over six years of industry work experience under your belt, this is not the program for you. Software Sutras has been designed for giving entry and mid-level programmers a critical boost in their careers that can really transition their future careers.

If you say yes to at least five of the seven questions given below, this workshop is perfect for you

  1. Are you just getting your software career off the ground?
    This is the best time for you - things are fun and you are learning a lot. Software Sutras will show you key aspects you should focus on to improve your career prospects rapidly.
  2. Have you been writing code for a few years and are tired of your stalled career?
    You know all the design patterns and about SOLID but people still complain about your software design skills. Software Sutras will change that it will make you so valuable you can literally command the best price in the market.
  3. Are you willing to spend time and effort to improve the quality of your code?
    You have the inner drive to improve, but you don't know how. You need step by step procedures and mentoring to make it happen. Software Sutras will give you all you need.
  4. Have you learned new technologies or new concepts like design patterns that was not taught at college?
    You know that if you just sit back and expect someone to teach you things like they did in college you will never get anywhere. You have to take the initiative to improve your skills. Software Sutras will teach you the must have skills to create good code quickly.
  5. Are you sure that better software design skills will make a difference in how your boss treats you?
    Nothing impresses a boss more than a developer who says "No problem boss" and delivers changes in functionality at super speed. Software Sutras will give you good software design skills that allow you to zoom through change requests.
  6. Would you like instance access to industry veterans who will mentor you and belong to a group of like-minded individuals who love to discuss code?
    Participants of workshops get lifelong exclusive access to a group where Charles and GK answer questions. And you will learn from shared thoughts from other developers.
  7. Are you willing to give up one Saturday to learn the Software Design Sutras and try to apply these simple rules when you are coding for the next two months?
    You are well on your way to becoming an “ace” programmer

IF you said “Yes” to at least five of these questions, this workshop is perfect for you. If you didn't hit that magic number then maybe this workshop is not for you.

Software Design Sutra was designed by Industry Veterans who used these techniques to help their team members write better code. Till now this training was only offered to corporate customers. Read some testimonials from participants and their bosses.

Here is some things that people have said about the workshops. Raw, unedited

“For every person there will be turning point in his career as well as in his personal life, There might be many such occasions for personal life. But I would say for career changing this kind of Workshop is turning point for all the programmers.” – Madhu Sudhan
“If anybody implements these sutras in their life, they would start to think in different and efficient way for development purpose.” - Chetan
“Software design sutras are very helpful to start design a project, it include both frontend design and backend design.There are different sutras and each and every one will give one one tip to do the design very simply.” - Ginto

Software Sutras is, quite simply, the defining program for software engineers at the mid-level of their careers. Designed and conducted by industry veterans with over 40+ years of experience, the session has transformed the careers of hundreds of engineers like yourself in Bangalore.

This will be a one-day intense course that will cover the skills you need to become a great software designer and really stand out from the crowd. Years of distilled experience that you would have to struggle to pick up are going to be taught to you in a fun and powerful session.

And, of course, you will have the support and access to a group of smart and motivated developers, along with the Software Sutra creators to answer all your questions as you apply this knowledge in your job.

So that's it. You now know everything you need to make a good decision. Have you said yes to less than five of the points? Then Software Sutras probably isn't for you.

However, if you feel at least five of the points really connected and hit home - if you feel this is just the boost you need in your career - Join us at the workshop

It is not a dry boring workshop. It is intense filled with stories, real life examples and exercises. Watch a segment from an actual workshop below. This is from the Software Productivity Sutra that is about programmers mindset. Enjoy